There are rare moments in the day when my little one is still, but there is no doubt that he loves SLEEP! He is like a little teenager – he never stops eating and he wants to sleep all the time! It is always challenging to get a picture of him sleeping so when he fell asleep at his Mimi’s house this week, I had to take out the camera.P I N this to pinterest

   i just love his sweet little face.

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project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

What joy this little one brings to my life! I am so thankful for everyday. Everytime I hear, “Mommy!” It just melts my heart. One of my goals for February was to take more pictures with me in them. (I pretty much have no pictures with me in them – I am always taking the picture.) This mommy and me session was very sweet! Oh, I just love these!

P I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterest        I have loved aviators forever! Michael found a pair for Owen at the end of last summer and I couldn’t wait to take them out! Too much fun!P I N this to pinterest

Don’t forget to take more pictures with you in them!

Yes. She’s gorgeous! This little one is just stunning. Such a little sweetheart and she is just surrounded by love and family. I love the headband and hat her mom had picked out for her – just beautiful! Taking pictures of newborns is such a blessing – they are such tiny little miracles! I truly love every session! Oh – and her name, Naomi! Love!

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Looking at my February goals:

*Making Valentine’s for the grandparents was super fun. Owen was really thinking about each one as he made them. I love his little thinking face.

*Everyday Moments. Oh, I have loved this one! I think this should be a year round goal. Not just for Owen but during my sessions. I LOVE everyday moments. Here are a few sessions of Owen this month that were just everyday.

A Great Leap

Cabin Fever

This One’s For the Grandparents – this one has some portraits, too. I just love him on the swings!

Sweet Shot Tuesday

*Take more pictures with me in them. This month I had a whole session of just Owen and I. I still haven’t finished editing and posting them yet simply because I feel like I should be editing my client’s pictures first. Here is just one fun shot from the session. I have loved aviators forever.

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  *Still haven’t decided on if I want all of the forms/contracts online. I am still thinking about this one.

  *Yes – I still need to organize the home office. I need to plan a trip to IKEA this month so I’m sure that will help.

  *Cook 3 – 4 times a week. Wow – this has been really fun. Some favorite recipes from this month include

   Crockpot Bbq Beer Chicken – This takes five minutes to make and I love Sweet Baby Ray’s!

   Brown Butter Parmesan Chicken Linguine – I made this twice in one week. Seriously – that good!

   Sausage Crepes – I love crepes! We made these a few times!

   Can you tell I love the blog, How Sweet It is? (Two out of the three recipes are from this blog) There are so many on her blog that I haven’t tried yet. The Greek Yogurt Pancakes look awesome!

My goals for February went well -I still need to work on organizing my home office!

Goals for March:

*Take Owen to Pullen Park to ride the carousel

*Attempt some Jillian Michaels dvds- at least once or twice a week

*Drop off all information to my CPA for 2011 taxes.

*Print more pictures and display them in our house. I really want a 20 x 30 Mpix canvas but that may have to wait a month or two. It’s a big decision, too, so I’m going to have to figure out which picture to print.

*Organize my closet.

 *Try one new recipe from the Pioneer Woman.

Okay, now it’s time to think of a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft for this month!