Raleigh In Home Newborn Photographer | Surprise!

Raleigh In Home Newborn Photographer Surprise!

It was so fun to finally meet their sweet baby girl. Their puppy was just so sweet at their maternity portraits (see here) so it was just the sweetest thing to see all four of them together. It was a quiet, calm morning at home, and we were even able to take a few photos outdoors. So fun that they waited to find out what they were having, too! Loved meeting this family and getting to meet their sweet baby girl! (And did you see they already had maternity portraits printed in their nursery! So fun to see!)

What was the first thing you thought when you saw your baby for the first time? I can’t believe we have a girl! We waited to find out what we were having so it was a surprise up until the moment she arrived. Our doctor was fabulous and told the medical team in the delivery room that Dad would be the one to see first and make the announcement of whether it was a boy or girl. It was a really special way to celebrate this! Because we waited, it made it such a fun experience for everyone – including the doctor and nurses! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so amazing before! What a sweet, wonderful gift!

What was your favorite part of our session together? My favorite part was being able to do this at home – at a time when you’re trying to figure it all out and get to know each other! There’s no pressure on having it all together and that makes it a great time! It’s so helpful to have a photographer who understands where you are and is patient and easygoing for these moments.

How did you prepare the baby for our photo shoot? We asked for an extra set of hands that day to help take care of our baby while I got ready. My mom came to help which left me time to shower, dry hair and put on makeup – I wouldn’t have thought this possible for a new mom with a two week old baby! And I enjoyed every second of it!

I dressed our baby before getting ready and swaddled her for a little bit to keep her calm. We timed the feeding to be done just as Becky got here so a simple change of top was the last detail. Our baby slept really well for the entire session which worked out better than planned!

How was your experience having your newborn photgraphed? Were you nervous or worried beforehand? I was nervous before the shoot because she was only two weeks old. At this stage, every day is different and you have to go with the flow. Becky encouraged us by planning additional time and taking photos throughout to capture edition all moments. Her support is really helpful for a new mom and I cannot say enough about her patience and calm demeanor through the the morning!

What would be your advice to someone getting newborn photographs taken? Being at home is such a nice option. If you or your baby need anything, you have the opportunity to grab it or take a few minutes to take care of baby. This was huge for me as a first time mom – in your comfort zone, with your family, and on your time frame.

Did you have a sentimental item at our session? What was it and why was it special to you? We used a beautiful blanket that my grandmother crocheted in a soft pink/peach tone. I grew up with only one grandparent and she always had these blankets in her house and as gifts for her family and friends. We laugh about waking up at her house in the middle of the night because we were so hot – and would find ourselves in these blankets! I don’t think she slept when we stayed with her because she was up all night checking on us and adding blankets!

The photos with this blanket are my favorites because of the colors and textures. This is a very special memory to be able to share with our daughter one day.

Was there a sentimental item in your nursery that we photographed? There’s a nightlight on the bedside table that was photographed. It has a sweet verse on it to let our daughter know that God created everything but, most importantly, her! We truly feel this way and prayed for this child along the way. The nightlight was a gift from the couple that cared for me starting at 6 weeks old when my mother returned to work. I love that they are a part of her nursery and “lighting” the way like they did for me!

Any advice to other families picking our wardrobe or preparing for a session? Ericka was so helpful and I love that she works with your preferences and wardrobe! We communicated a couple of times before and even shared a Pinterest board so she could get a feel for our styles/tastes! She knew our preferred stores and guided us with options that we had. This was great as I didn’t have to shop at the end of my pregnancy or while having just arrived at home with a newborn!

Styled by Little Apple Styles

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