Holden Beach Family Photographer|What I Learned in June

Holden Beach Family Photographer | What I Learned in June

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Memorial Day celebrating the cousins May/June birthday

1. June was a brave month for me. Honestly never having a c section or any kind of surgery, I was terrified to have a procedure on my heart. (see the whole story here) I did e-mail all my newborn clients before having this done and found a backup in case the recovery ended up being worse than it was. I am so thankful for such patient + kind clients. I did quite a few newborns the week before and then the two I did first after my surgery just happened to be born at a great time to wait a little over a week. (thank you sweet babies) The recovery was not bad at all, and I’m thankful for my husband and mom taking such good care of me + the kids that week.

2.I’m so thankful for my neighbors. Honestly, I could cry. I have been so blessed by them. They brought me awesome whole30 food after the surgery and checked on us. One of my neighbors taught me how to make her homemade lara bars because they are just amazing. You feel like you’re eating dessert.

3.That being said, if you are having any procedure done, I learned to plan a crazy busy week right before. I did not have a lot of time to think about it which was great. Owen’s birthday party was the night before so I honestly didn’t even have a second. And I’m so thankful to Ericka for helping me out so much with his party. So much cuteness – more to come soon.

4.Renting bikes at the beach is my favorite. We spent a week at the beach in the beginning of June, and oh my, I love the bikes. Harrison can still fit in the baby seat bike (like this one here– holds up to 40lbs) and we used the tagalong bike with Owen. (see one kind of like it here) They both loved it soooo much. We haven’t rented bikes until this year because you have to book them so far in advance, but I finally was able to get them. (See our favorite place to rent bikes and all our Holden Beach favorites here)

5. If you’ve been following my love of whole30, I can now drink coffee again without worrying about a racing heart…So, I thought I would add in one cup a day when I feel like it. So I have tried quite a few things..almond milk, etc. I just haven’t found anything exciting or worth even drinking the coffee. (I am super picky about coffee.) After trying bulletproof coffee, I am super impressed. I made it in the vitamix with grass fed unsalted butter, coconut oil, coffee + vanilla. It was realllly yummy. I’m sure I’ll cheat every now and then at my favorite coffee place, but I need something for everyday.

6. I discovered Nom Nom Paleo. This website might be a little life changing for my whole30 meals. I did download the app, and I am sooo excited about all the recipes. Cauliflower fried rice and the bacon guacamole sammies – such great ideas. She has a lot that are specifically whole30 although whole30 and Paleo are not very different.

7. My favorite summer dress here, and I am also loving the skort trend for the gym. (I got this one + love it)

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