Raleigh Newborn Baby Photographer | Great Grandpa’s Scale

It had not been too long since their maternity portraits, and I could not wait to meet this sweet little one. He was content to be held by his Mommy and Daddy, and even his sweet Aunt showed up to help on picture day. (It’s always great to have an extra person to help. She also brought biscuits, so that’s a plus! Sometimes when you have a baby, you can forget to eat!) These two have been blessed with such loving families that have surrounded them and helped them during the newborn days.

They had the prettiest Bradford pear in their front yard, and I was glad the light was cooperating for us to snap a few photos in the front yard before running back inside. I love pretty flowers + I love newborn sessions at home so this session was the best of both worlds. His aunt also brought their Great grandfather’s produce scale – how cool is that? I love, love, love the photos we were able to get with it. Oh, and mom’s bracelet with the little feet – just had to get a photo of that, too.

According to Mom….

What was the first thing you thought when you saw your baby for the first time? When holding Silas for the first time after the long labor, my first thought was what a beautiful and miraculous cry he had. I cherished hearing his sweet voice for the first time. Joy came rushing into my heart that covered up all the pain.

What was your favorite part of our session together? I enjoyed our newborn session at home and really appreciated patience she gave as she assisted us in calming our little one during a fussy time. I felt free to care for Silas first as she also put his needs first.

How did you prepare the baby for our photoshoot? We let baby Silas sleep as long as he wanted without waking him. We fed him right before the session so that he would be content for as long as possible.

How was your experience having your newborn photographed? Were you worried or nervous before? How did it turn out? I was nervous that Silas wouldn’t go to sleep after waking and having an increased alertness that morning. Becky helped us transition into the sleeping pictures and I loved how comfortable and at ease she made us feel. We didn’t need to rush Silas into sleep.

What would be your advice to someone getting newborn photographs taken? I would advise parents to also care for themselves. It made a difference for us to eat breakfast and to get dressed and ready before we concentrated on preparing the little one.

Did you have a sentimental item at our session? We chose to use my husband’s Great-great grandfather’s produce scale. We layed Silas in the tray that was balanced by countering weights. This was very special for his family. We also used my husband’s Moses basket he slept in as a baby. I love that after 30+ years Silas was able to lay in his Daddy’s first baby bed.

Was there a sentimental item in your nursery or parts of your nursery that we photographed that were special to you? I’m glad Becky thought to photograph Silas’ name art that included the letters hanging from deer antler sheds we found around our woods. I also love that she took a photo of a Bible verse framed that we had prayed over Silas.

Any advice to other families planning a session or picking out wardrobe? Becky let us know that simple was best for us. My husband chose a solid colored button down shirt with dark jeans and I wore something that was flattering to my arms and fitted. Although I was self-conscious of my newly “post-pregnancy” body, I didn’t have to worry about unflattering photos (no matter what I chose to wear), because Becky chose such slimming angles.

How would you describe your perfect Saturday as a family? These days, a perfect Saturday consists of Silas’ letting us sleep until 7am!(: We like to eat a special breakfast together and enjoy walking around our family farm to see what adventures can be discovered.

Raleigh Newborn Baby Photographer | Rebecca Keller Photography

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