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Oh, I just love the books we picked out to read this month and so do the kids! We got these the very beginning of March and Harrison already has I Am a Bunny memorized. I love sharing my love of books and reading with my little ones..to see them get so excited about books and see their eyes light up when reading. Everyday, after I make my bed, I leave all the books we are reading there, and the boys have so much fun climbing up and reading during the day. It’s so sweet when I don’t know where they are, and I catch them reading together. Melts my mama heart.

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What we’re reading in March…

1.One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish  Since it’s Dr. Suess’ birthday this month, we picked one Dr. Seuss book. And this one is just so fun, and I am always impressed by Dr. Suess’ imagination. The boys have read this one over and over.

2.I Am a Bunny. One of my clients brought this to a session – it’s from an older golden book they read when they were little. Oh, IT IS THE CUTEST. My boys have love, love, loved this board book, and the fact that Harrison already has it memorized… It’s cute, and goes through where the bunny lives and all the seasons. ADORABLE.

3.Too Many Carrots – I haven’t seen too many books that go through the different kinds of houses/where animals live. This is a cute story about a bunny who has too many carrots and ends up moving from house to house.

4.Wolfie the Bunny – the boys have loved the bunny saying over and over that his wolf brother is going to “EAT THEM ALL UP!” A wolf was left on their doorstep and these bunnies adopt him – The story is cute about the wolf and his big sister.

5.The Easter Egg – this book was a good one for Owen. He loves looking at the pages and predicting what’s going to happen.I love how the story is around a bunny who keeps a robin’s egg safe. Such a sweet story – love the ending.

6.Duck & Goose, Here Comes the Easter Bunny! In this board book, these two, (A Harrison favorite) are on a search to find the Easter Bunny.

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