Family Photography Raleigh – Decorating for Easter

family photographer Raleigh_0747P I N this to pinterestI’ll be honest. I lovvvvve the holidays. Starting in October, it feels like holiday central, right? First, it’s everything pumpkins, then it’s Christmas. Oh, New Years + Valentine’s Day. We celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a little green, and then time for Easter. (And isn’t Easter early this year?!?) We have Mother’s Day + a lot of birthdays next but it’s a little quiet after that until 4th of July, right? Summer’s a little slower with holidays, and my kids just LOVE celebrating so it makes me happy when we have a holiday coming up.

I’m also, of course, in love with the Target one spot right when you walk in. It just seems like it keeps getting better and better. I stopped in this weekend to pick up a few things, of course, and walked out with Easter decorating bliss. I also picked up treats for the lunchbox and other fun surprises that are not on this post. I kind of get overwhelmed, especially since their one spot stuff sells out so quickly. The whole seasonal part of the store, of course, is now turning into one big Easter party, too. family photographer Raleigh_0748P I N this to pinterest

Of course, I love Target for pretty much everything else, too. I shop there way too much. As Mamas we all talk about how wonderful it is + there are so many great videos out there talking about moms and Target right? It is one of my favorite things to do with Harrison because I love him sitting there right in the cart in front of me, I have his undivided attention while we walk and chat. I have always loved walking with my little ones in the cart – they aren’t playing with toys, they are usually just chatting with me and of course, we stop by and look at trains, etc, while in the store. And if you’re expecting, of course, their baby registry is awesome, too! I love when I can shop for a baby present there because I’m already going to be there anyway. 

Back to decorating…Harrison and I decorated while Owen was at school, and he was so surprised and excited when he walked in. They both have loved playing with the Easter nesting eggs (the pink one) shown below.I love these days of them being little! Ok, now to work on my what I want to bake for Easter list!

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