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Ever since my first child was born, I have really struggled with my sinuses. I could probably be one of those weather predictors with my sinuses – ha. If a sinus headache starts, I know the weather’s going to be bad. I did go see an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor after Owen was born, and they did a CAT scan. I officially have sinus problems.

I was really excited when I learned about the klēn shower steamers. They have worked wonders for my sinuses + I have loved them. You put them in the floor when you take a shower, and they steam and open up your sinuses. Happy is my absolute favorite, and they have made such a difference in my sinuses. Immediate relief. Like, I love, love, love them.

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I also tried their bath salts, candle, and lotion, and I would recommend all of them. I am super picky about candles, and love that their candles are all natural. Best of all, they are a local business, and I love shopping local. If you decide to try them out, click here and use the code Keller for 15% off, and let me know what you think. (Happy is my favorite shower steamer. Oh, and I didn’t get paid for this blog post, I was just so excited to find something that helps with my sinuses and wanted to share in case anyone else is in the same boat!) They are all natural products with carefully sourced ingredients. They also have a great lip gloss that’s safe enough if your child decides to eat it. (See the story here)

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Rebecca Keller is a family photographer featured in People Magazine who spends her time sipping iced coffee, chasing after her two little ones, reading, running, and editing. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about commercial photography and travel sessions