Raleigh Kids Valentines – What We’re Reading this Valentine’s Day

Raleigh Kids Valentines | What We’re Reading this Valentine’s Day

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I loooooove Valentine’s Day. And of course, it’s my mama’s birthday, too! I also love reading to my boys and finding great holiday themed books for the boys, so I wanted to share what we’ve been reading.

1.Llama Llama I Love You
The Llama Llama books have always been a hit at our house, and Harrison especially loves this one. It’s a great board book he can play with, and I don’t have to worry about the book being ripped to shreds. (Unlike when he gets a hold of Owen’s piano papers…they get colored on and then ripped to pieces. Owen is a very patient big brother. When one of his recital pieces was turned into a masterpiece/ripped, he just got up there and played it from memory.)

2.Peanuts: Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown
This is one of those lift the flap books, so of course, while I’m reading, they are both trying to lift the flaps (are they really listening?) but it is cute nonetheless. (Still wondering why everyone in the class didn’t bring everyone a valentine. You’ll have to read it to find out.) I wasn’t a huge Charlie Brown fan (I know, what’s wrong with me?) until the latest movie…that movie was just so cute, and ok, officially a fan.

3.Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George
Owen has really started loving Curious George this year, so this book was a hit. It is also a lift the flap book so super fun for the kids.

Not pictured because someone has been reading it all over the house, and I couldn’t find it for the photo above:

Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is Cool
The boys love, love, love this book, because not only is it fun to read but there is a poster with stickers, and also valentine’s to decorate. My boys love drawing and art projects so this was super exciting to them.

Two we haven’t read but I want to check out are: Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar
and Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! .

We just finished up our Valentine Mini’s (see previews here) and I spent all last night designing custom Valentine’s so of course I am just so excited about the holiday coming up!

There are a lot more fun children’s Valentine’s books out there. Anyone else reading some cute books – leave your recommendations in the comments.