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A little preview from our trip to Disney World this week. I can’t wait to share all of the behind the scenes and fun things we learned while styling and photographing our little ones. They had so much fun, too, and of course, loved the balloons, costumes, and all of the other fun parts of Disney. Harrison loved his rice krispie treat, too, and Gaston could not stop talking to Belle as soon as he saw her (more cute photos of this soon!) Little E also had so much fun dancing with her Daddy (Prince Charming) There are so many more fun images to share, but here’s just a preview of some of the styling magic by Little Apple Styles. We barely slept this week and of course walked all day, but it was an amazing trip. More photos will be posted on facebook and instagram soon.

Styled by Little Apple Styles 

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Camera Gear I recommend for Disney

1 I am going to take my favorite camera because I just can’t not take it. Does that make sense, ha? I do take a lot of cell phone photos while I’m at Disney just because I don’t feel it’s necessary to take my camera out the whole time. I love this camera, though, and I just can’t leave it at home. One of the reasons I first got a good DSLR was I loved the magical way they capture my kids, so for part of the time I will use it. For most photos with the characters, etc, I’ll just use the memory maker pass and have Disney staff take the photo. I have always used Canon and I love, love, love Canon. If you want to buy a less expensive Canon, I’d go with this one.

2.This is a great walk around Disney lens. You can capture so many different angles and you don’t have to bring a million lenses. I recommend only taking one lens to Disney because it’s just too much to be switching lenses all the time. If you want to spend a little less, you can get this lens.

3.I am not a big fan of a lot of bags or carrying a bunch of stuff around Disney because it just annoys me and then I’m just not enjoying myself. We’d had little ones since we started going so I always put a diaper bag in the bottom of this stroller (LOVE this stroller at Disney!) I do not recommend an umbrella stroller if you are the least bit tall. We took an umbrella stroller the first trip and my husband and i were both so annoyed and did not want to push it – ha. We’ve never had a problem with this one, and the storage underneath is perfect to put a diaper bag in.


4.Also, if you go when it’s not, you will not want to be lugging around bags. It will just make you hotter and more miserable. We buy a lot of bottled water at target and keep it in the bottom of the stroller. So, back to the camera. It’s important to me to have one little bag with me when I’m riding rides and walking around. I use this bag because I can barely get my camera with the lens on it in the bag. It can put my cell phone and a credit card or two if I need it in it also, so it’s perfect. I have taken bigger bags, but this is ideal for me. Comfort makes me happy at Disney and not having a ton of big bags is important to me.

5. If I didn’t want a DSLR, I would probably go for this cameraor this camera. I have not used it, but it looks super fun and I’ve seen a lot of photographers recommend it for trips. I, however, cannnnnot leave home without my Canon. (I did order this camera for a Disney trip once to try out, and then ended up taking my Canon. Can’t leave home without it) This camera does let you upload to wi-fi so you can share images from your camera to your phone which is pretty cool. If you want to do this with a Canon, you can also use one of these cards, which are pretty cool.

6.Disney can be crowded so if you want a family photo really close to the castle without a lot of people in it, I’d recommend using a lens like this one. You can stand pretty close and get an image with not as many people in it.

7.These are also fun for your cell phone to take some fun photos while you are there. If it’s the only camera you bring, might as well have some fun with it!

8.If you’re also traveling with young kids, I also recommend this carrier when waiting in long lines or sometimes at night it can be difficult to get around the fireworks crowd with a stroller. We would park our stroller at the entrance of the Magic Kingdom and babywear if we were going in around fireworks time.

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  1. disney world photosP I N this to pinterestdisney world photosP I N this to pinterest

disney world photosP I N this to pinterest

Disney World Photos | Rebecca Keller Photography

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