Raleigh Family Newborn Photographer – What I Learned in June

This month has definitely felt like summer – 104 degrees temperatures (I did not want to even go outside!) It’s been nice the past week or two to have cooler temperatures. We got a great report from the doctor last week about Owen’s collarbone so he is now allowed to swim, jump, and climb – YAY!

What I learned this month…

1. Harrison pretty much hates the pool except when he is on his swan. It’s the funniest thing. He has the death grip on me in the water, even with a puddle jumper, but when he is on his swan, all is right in the world. (See one more Mimi was photoshopped out of here)

Raleigh Family Newborn Photographer | Rebecca Keller Photographyraleigh-family-newborn-photographer_3058P I N this to pinterestraleigh-family-newborn-photographer_3059P I N this to pinterest

2. Motivation is everything when it comes to swimming. Owen has not been an under water swimmer..just a little bit here and there last summer. Since he couldn’t swim for several weeks, due to his collarbone, the first few days were super exciting. His first trip to the pool we ran into a friend with a three year old swimming underwater. Two days later, Owen is swimming underwater and going down the big slide at the pool.

raleigh-family-newborn-photographer_3060P I N this to pinterestraleigh-family-newborn-photographer_3061P I N this to pinterest

3.Going to the Disney store on your birthday is like being a celebrity for a day. They put a button on you and the music comes on, your name is on the screen..he loved it so much, I may have teared up a little.

4.Books I read this month – I┬álove reading both fiction and non fiction, but tend to make more time for non fiction. I can’t remember where I saw the recommendation, but picked up, Dear Mr. Knightley and reallly loved reading this book. I think I finished it in a few hours. (You can see reviews here) Reading is so important to me, but can be so super hard to squeeze in sometimes. I am also just finishing up Real Love for Real Life: The Art and Work of Caring. What a great book and encouragement to me as a Mama.

5.If you go to the Durham Bulls, third base is the best spot to sit. Michael had an event planned, and I’ll be honest, I was dreading going. It was one of those a thousand degree days, and I think anytime I’ve been to a baseball game, we end up in the hot sun. Third base is perfect – no sun, and it was so much fun! The boys were so cute with their baseball hats and baseballs.


6.I will not be going in the ocean ever again past my toes. I have ALWAYS, I mean always been scared of the ocean…and well, have never really liked water that much. (My mom has fond memories of me screaming all the way through It’s a Small World and burying my head in my blanket) Even during Coastal Sessions, I barely get ankle deep and then run back out. (I know, #wimp) I’m always the one yelling come back in, come back in, and when Michael tries to go out deep, I just can’t watch and have to leave the beach.

7.You can somehow get something stuck in your foot with closed toe shoes on. I try to wear better shoes to sessions so I’m not scraping up my feet, etc. I have no clue how this happened but there is something in my foot and I just did online urgent care check in as I am typing this.