Wake Forest Raleigh One Year Baby Photography – Celebrating One

Oh, this little one was just so happy and adorable at her one year portraits. (I first photographed her when she was a newborn!) She still just has the prettiest hair! It was pretty hot the day of their session (we had rescheduled before because of rain forecasts and were super excited there was NO RAIN!) but you can’t tell the weather was super hot that day! These three just enjoyed being together!

According to Mom…

Who are the members of your family and tell me a quick fact about each one! Armando – has a passion for cycling
Song – born and raised in NYC and loves to ride motorcycles
Nylie – spitting image of her Dad, Mom was just an incubator

What were your favorite parts of the session? I enjoyed the candid moments that were captured by us just being ourselves. You captured what we are as a family and not just posing for a picture. I will cherish the most, forever capturing some of our funny faces that we make at each other every day.

Tell me about the outfits you wore to the session. We all wore pretty shades of purple which has been one of Songs favorite colors since she was a little girl. Mando wore a purple plaid Nordstrom shirt, ond navy skinny jeans and converse. Mom wore jack rogers, white old navy skinny jeans, and a ralph lauren plaid button down shirt with a lilac Banana Republic cardigan to finish it off. Nylie wore a sweet little white Gap eyelet ruffle sleeve shirt, lilac old navy capris, and the cutest little white peep-toe sandals ever!

What are some words of wisdom you have for other families preparing for their session? Don’t get all dressed up, capture who and what you truly are on a daily basis, those are the memories I choose to preserve, not me in a dress I’m uncomfortable in and will never wear again.

Were you worried about any parts of the session beforehand? I worried only about the weather since it was outdoor.

What do you wish for your little one? What dreams do you have for her? I wish for her happiness, no matter what she does or who she becomes I want her to be happy doing it.

What are your little one’s favorites – toys, etc? At 13 months old, Nylie has a new found love of juice boxes! I think she likes walking around with it in her hand because it makes her feel like a big girl.

Wake Forest Raleigh One Year Baby Photography | Rebecca Keller Photography 

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