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What a fun session this was Memorial Day Weekend with this sweet family! The boys have grown so much! (See their last family session here and they also came to the Free Holiday Minis) We had absolutely gorgeous weather the evening of their session, and the boys had so much fun (See an outtake here) running on the beach and splashing around in the ocean. They sprinted through the water as soon as they heard they could swim at the very end of the session! They are just so sweet together – from the moment you meet this family, you can just tell how much they love each other and how much fun they have! I just LOVE Coastal Sessions, and I only offer a limited number each year. Contact me if you’d like more information about a Coastal Session in 2016.

According to Mom…

Why did you choose your session location? We love the Beach! We moved from Florida three years ago and we miss having the beach in our back yard. We had family photos taken in clearwater when the boys were just two and now that they are eight I thought it was time to have another beach session.

What’s your favorite family activity? Traveling. We love to go on vacation and taking new adventures together.

Who are the members of your family and tell me a quick fact about each one! Jackson and Nicky are very fraternal twins! Nicky is the adventurous one, Jackson is tender hearted. Jason, my husband, is a great husband who lets me have these wonderful pictures done! My Brother Tarik is fun. He came to spend the weekend at the beach with us, the boys adore their Uncle!

Tell us about your favorite parts of the session! My favorite part of the session was that it was fun! My boys love to swim and at the end of the session when they decided to get in the ocean with all their dress clothes on, well that just sums up their personalities all the way. My boys love running around, being loud and just being boys! The beach was the perfect location for that. Becky is great with kids and makes everyone feel very comfortable and natural.

Tell me about the outfits you chose for the session. I chose my dress first. Because I’m the only female in the family, I thought I had that right. Then I choose everyone’s outfit to coordinate with mine.

What props did you bring? We brought our Kites and forgot them in the car!

What are some words of wisdom you have for other families preparing for a session? Don’t get your haircut to close to the session. I don’t have curly hair, but had to curl my hair for this session because I wasn’t crazy about my cut. If you are having your pictures done at the beach, it is ok to have some color in your wardrobe. Looking back, I would have added more color to my kids outfits, especially if you have fair hair children because most things at the beach are light in color. Also, be prepared for some wind!

Holden Beach Family Photographer | Rebecca Keller Photography

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Rebecca Keller is a Holden Beach Family Photographer featured in People Magazine, Denim + Grace Magazine and on several blogs include Let the Kids Dress Themselves and Lemonade and Lenses. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Chapel Hill Family Photography.