Raleigh Outdoor Baby Photography – So Sleepy

Three months is such a special milestone to document. (I have loved when my babies have gotten to three months because that means I am getting more sleep – woo hoo!) At three months, they are still usually awake for such a short window of time, and it’s so great to capture their sweet little smiles and personality. And this one was just so adorable and I loved capturing such sweet moments with her Mommy and Daddy. One thing I love about milestone sessions is photographing the things they don’t do very long, like playing with Mom’s necklace (just precious!) Oh, and her rubbing her eyes! Love that we captured how sleepy she was at the end. We had a perfect evening, and I just couldn’t believe how big she’d gotten since her newborn portraits!

According to Mom…

Who are the members of your family and a quick fact about each one?

Carrie – a Leo

Frank – loves homemade beer

Giuliana – loves milk and pacifiers

What were your favorite parts of the session? Becky is so efficient and professional. She also makes us feel special – it’s as though she doesn’t photograph babies day in and day out. She is very supportive and reassuring. She is also a pro at working with babies to get them to smile. I loved that the session was so quick – only 45 minutes!

Tell me about your outfits you wore for the session. Frank wore what he always wears. I wore whatever fit. Giuliana wore two sweet dresses my mom bought for her before she was born.

What are some words of wisdom you have for other Mamas preparing for a session? Wear something comfortable and bring a hairbrush.

Were you worried about any parts of the session beforehand? I was worried she would cry the whole time.

What do you wish/dream for your little one? I want her to be healthy and happy.

Did you bring any of your little one’s favorites to the session? According to Mom…”She likes breastmilk and I brought them to the session. ha.”

Raleigh Outdoor Baby Photography | Rebecca Keller Photography

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