Senior Portraits Raleigh NC – The Pretty Snowy Day

One thing I love about Senior Portraits is brainstorming ways to make the session unique. Your senior portrait session shouldn’t look exactly like anyone else’s. It should reflect your personality and style. Riley and I had already had a brainstorming meeting and we have another date set up in the spring. I usually like to have two locations for Senior sessions and we had just decided on one. When the snow started pouring in, (and pouring, and pouring…I don’t think it stopped snowing this entire day!) it was a perfect backdrop for her second location. Riley said her favorite part of the session was the different theme and ideas, but also my amazing umbrella hat (which made me laugh!) If you are going to take pictures in the snow when it’s actually snowing, the umbrella hat really helps. (You can see a behind the scenes images that her mama took here) We barely get snow like this in North Carolina, but I had tried taking images in the snow before (while my camera was getting soaked from the snow) so I had ordered the hat then and was glad to have it on hand. If I didn’t get a lot of strange looks, it might actually make motherhood easier on rainy holding an umbrella and a toddler – ha!

Riley’s advice to other Seniors, “Relax and be yourself! It’s a portrait of you, and you have to be comfortable and let yourself shine! Also, loosen up and have fun. Think of something funny while you are taking them – Don’t worry about how you look.” It was so much fun to take these, and Riley, her mama, and I definitely laughed, climbed through trees, watched as people driving by stared at the umbrella hat, and were just a little bit cold!!!

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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Senior Portraits Photographer. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Senior Portraits Raleigh NC  in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Apex, Cary, and Holly Springs.

Jennifer Mize says:

These are beautiful! Great location and model…and photographer, of course! 😉 I just love the b&w photos!

Cherrie says:

Really pretty work and well done balancing the snow. They don’t really do senior portraits like this in Stockholm, everyone wears sailors hats… weird tradition… so, it’s nice to see some senior photography with them.

Kate Minor says:

Beautiful senior portraits! I am used to this type of snow in Minnesota. How unusual that your got so much snow in North Carolina! It’s very beautiful. :)

Erica Hauff says:

This session looks like it was a lot of fun:) You are incredibly talented, and you’re 100% right about not trying to hard. What beautiful and natural senior portraits, so glad you got a glimpse of snow in NC

Gorgeous black and whites <3 Sending some love from italy :)

Toni Taylor says:

We had so much fun on that snowy day with you. Truly grateful our fun memories are captured in these beautiful photos. Thank you becky!