Wake Forest Raleigh Newborn Photographer – Snow Days

Am I the only person that didn’t have a clue that it was going to snow today? I was thinking Wednesday maybe Thursday we were going to get flurries for like ten minutes, no big deal. I really had no clue it was going to be a winter wonderland again. I mean, it snowed alllll day. I think every time I looked out the window it was snowing. Last week was the first round of snow for this year – I had to find some snow bibs for both boys (found some last minute on one of the online yard sales for Harrison – yay!) I still haven’t bought a sled (the one below was borrowed from a neighbor) If you’re reading this and you’re not from North Carolina, we just really don’t get snow all that often. And, it usually snows for ten minutes and doesn’t stick. Very rarely do we have a whole week of the kids missing school and snow or ice covering the ground. (And we really usually get more ice than snow) It’s only been a few days since the last snow and I only got to fit in two sessions (one in the studio and one newborn) before this new round of snow (more rescheduling after this snow melts)

These are from last week – we took like five seconds of photos in the snow with our boys (because it’s really just that rare – I had to capture a few images of us with them) I took Owen out sledding when Harrison was napping, and Michael was working from home, and then the second day both boys went out to play in the snow/ice but not for long because it’s just sooo cold. Indoor days mean hot chocolate, movies, crafts (Owen broke out the leftover pipe cleaners from Valentine’s Day) organizational projects, and cooking creatively without having to go to the store. (We didn’t get the run to the store for bread and milk memo yesterday – ha!) ┬áIt was snowing so much today we still haven’t ventured out. Are we getting more snow tomorrow and Thursday?!?

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Jessie Alexis Evans says:

What precious moments!! I love seeing gorgeous photos of everyday life.

Melissa says:

A snow session?! How fun!! I love it! :)

Irene Bello says:

These children are so precious. Ito looks like they had a lot of fun in the snow!

charming point photography says:

Love this wonderful ‘day in the life’ snow session!

Kim Kravitz says:

AW! Your kids are adorable!!! Looks like they had so much fun playing in the snow! <3

Sonya PhotosbyMe Davis says:

Precious child photography! Theses are really marvelous snow day images. The brothers look like a loving pair.

Brittney says:

I love these, especially the one of the little boys riding their little bikes down the lane – it’s so much fun!

Laura says:

what an adorable shoot ! I love that they got to play all those games! So cute :)