Raleigh Travel Newborn Photography – Baby Brother

I love travel sessions – this one wasn’t too far away, but it’s fun to go somewhere different, and it was so great to meet this sweet family and photograph their precious boys. This was another one of those – so hard to pick between color and black and white sessions, I just loved both. Oh, and big brother was just the sweetest with his baby brother. He also took a nap break during the session and came back for one last photo – too cute! The nice thing about newborn sessions at home is siblings can take a nap, play with their own toys, and are usually super excited to see me and show me their new baby. I love, love, love sessions at home – just so special! And baby brother, he was just so content and let us take so many photos of him. He ended up with a special birthday- so fun to have a December 31st birthday! So many special images from this session – it took me a while to choose which ones to blog – such a sweet family and session!

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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Newborn Photographer and Raleigh Maternity Photographer in Raleigh, N.C. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Raleigh Travel Newborn Photography and travel sessions.

Effie L. says:

Super sweet newborn lifestyle session!
I love all of them but big brothers innocent expressions are just priceless!
Congrats to the beautiful family!

Aly says:

I love these lifestyle newborn photos :)

Emily says:

Such a little cutie! he looks so peaceful in these photos.

Laura says:

Beautiful images! I love the wrinkly forehead on the little one! :)

Art' n Colors Photography & Video says:

very cool pictures!!

Gonzalo says:

Very pretty images. The last one is super awesome!! you are a very talented newborn photographer, congrats!!!

Jiyeon says:

What a fantastic photography! Congratulations to the family for the new member of their family! Lovely images!

Kami Robbins Friday says:

Awesome as usual, Rebecca!

Awww!! Fantastic home session! Baby brother is perfect! Big brother is adorable, too. I am sure Mom and Dad will treasure these images for years to come. :)

Amanda says:

Aw the big brother is still just a baby too! Sweet little family!

Angie says:

What a beautiful session! I love the close up of baby’s face! Great job!

Liz Dranow says:

Beautiful images! I’m sure Raleigh families (and families around North Carolina) will treasure their family portraits for years to come!

Vickie Talton Aycock says:

these pics are fantastic