Raleigh NC Newborn Lifestyle Photography – Full of Smiles

What a sweet session at home this was – right before Christmas so we were able to capture some images with the tree in the background (I love using the Christmas tree for newborn sessions in December!) First of all, this little one’s hair, oh my, adoooorable. And he was just so full of smiles for this session. I’m amazed at how many sweet little newborn smiles he had. His mama had some beautiful blankets picked out for his photos and I just adore the texture in them. As I was going through these images, I couldn’t decide which I liked better – color or black and white. I just kept going back and forth so there’s so many of both in this blog post.

I’ve been traveling a lot for newborn sessions lately and this was one of those that was a bit of a drive. It’s so nice when you have a newborn to have someone come to your home to photograph your family. There’s no worrying if you forgot anything, all your snacks are close by, it’s ok if you’re not ready exactly on time (we just go with the baby’s schedule) no packing a diaper bag, no screaming baby in the car seat – just life as normal at home. And if you’re like me, I was absolutely exhausted the first few weeks (ok months) after I had both of my little ones so even thinking about getting in the car and trying to go somewhere was just exhausting. I block out 3-4 hours for newborn sessions, and we just take our time and go with baby’s schedule. I love, love, love newborn sessions at home and capturing these sweet moments.

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Joanne Hazen says:

These photos capture the peace, love and joy surrounding baby Andre. Beautiful work.

Hope Copeland says:

LOVE this Rebecca. Wonderful session.

Katrina Bradley Scobie says:

Absolutely Lovely

Michael Busby says:

Amazing pictures!!! You all look great!

Ingrid Gillman says:

Beautiful. Just beautiful!