Raleigh Cary Newborn Lifestyle Photography – The Little Prince Nursery

All I could say was WOW when I saw their nursery – absolutely gorgeous! And so much meaning and thought when into this room – love all of the details that Mom chose. Both of them are so amazing at DIY – they built the cabinets and the daybed in this room. Mom also made the quilt (wow!) and we were able to use it for their Maternity portraits, too, which was just so special. I love that they chose The Little Prince to build their nursery around – it’s a French classic children’s book. (Could this room be any more special?) I was reading about it on Wikipedia and it was even voted the best book of the 20th century in France. (you know I LOVE children’s books so I had to find out more about this book!) They also added in so many beautiful details to the room that go along with the book that made this room just so special for their little one.

It was a dark rainy day – like I could barely see on 540 there was so much rain on the way to their house. The big nursery window was just perfect for their newborn session, and we definitely used the whole four hours – so many family portraits of these three. I love that we were able to use a couple of rooms in the house, and also, the ones with his eyes open, he is sooooo cute! Their sweet puppy also managed to get in a few, and I just love every single image from this session.

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Janice Decker Skierski says:

Beautiful family, beautiful little baby!