Shooting Through Glass – Raleigh Wake Forest Newborn Photographer

So I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for this month’s blog circle theme, “Shooting through glass.” Well, one day last week we were at Klaystation and I saw that the Red Hill General Store across the street had ice cream. Um, yay. We walked across the street to get Owen’s first ice cream cone. Yes, I usually don’t like for him to get messy so this is the first time he had an actual cone. We were supposed to meet Michael not too long after that and we had to go home first because yes, the ice cream cone was just that messy. He stepped up to look at the ice cream and pick out the flavor he wanted when I saw the moment to shoot through glass. (Yes I always have my camera and yes I just take photos everywhere)

He was soooo excited about his first ice cream cone. He LOVED it. Even last night, we were in the same shopping center and he just went on and on about that wonderful ice cream cone. Okay, now you can head on over to Jamie Loomis Photography to see her take on this month’s theme.

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Lisa Fogg-Lacroix says:

I love LOVE love the very first image. So creative!

Kayla Munns Goode says:

Love these, especially the one of him just staring at the cone – looks like he really enjoyed it. The b&w I really enjoy!

Barrett Klein says:

I love the composition on the B&W with the saying above him! He looks so cute eating that ice cream, good job!

Lea Smith says:

these are too cute! I love the tie and the overall colors of these images!

Julianna Babics says:

He is one of the handsome-st boy I have ever known, yes! he is that cute.

Keri Webb says:

These are so adorable! I love your take on shooting through glass. But, I have to say, out of this series, my absolute favorite is the bottom left one. I love all the colorful ice cream on his shirt and face. Great Job!

Elisa L. Sharkey says:

@[556504323:2048:Lea], this place is right across the street from where we live!

Lea Smith says:

what a small world! Rebecca is in my blog circle and I was commenting on her blog post for this month’s challenge…so if you need a local photographer for portraits…. 😉