A Great Leap – Week 9 – 52 Week Project – Child Photographer, Raleigh, N.C.

This week’s theme is A Great Leap.

I thought we were going to have a rainy day yesterday but it just didn’t happen. A few raindrops fell here and there but no rain. Last night there were a few downpours, so this morning Owen and I went out in search of some mud puddles.

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               Looking for puddles!

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               So we got more of a splash/kick than a great leap. He sure was happy about it!

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         Look what I found! Thought I would try out his dinosaur raincoat too. It is a 3T, so it is still way too big.P I N this to pinterest         This mud puddle was just too much fun for a little boy!P I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterest

All done!

I am really enjoying this project – I have documented some really special moments and everyday pictures of Owen. I highly recommend a project so that you are taking pictures of your little ones each week! It’s fun to have a theme which inspires you. There are several 52 week projects, 365 projects, and even some 12 month projects.

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Jenn Valluzzo says:

These are so great! I love the story they tell.

that last one with the muddy jeans is so precious!

Donna says:

What a great idea. Splashing through puddles is so much fun.

Sarah says:

Great pictures. I love the boots!

Brandi says:

Adorable pictures. Adorable little boy!

Kim Kravitz says:

Ha! Looks like he had such a fun time playing in the puddles. :) Great set!