52 Week Project – Week 6 – Family Photography, Raleigh, N.C.

This week’s 52 week project theme is Drink Up! So I decided to pick one of my favorite drinks – iced coffee in a mason jar!

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  If you don’t want to make the coffee yourself, you can get fantastic iced coffee in a mason jar at Jubala Village Coffee.

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  This was taken on a recent mother son date to Jubala Village Coffee. Owen loves drawing on the chalkboard!

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Kim says:

I love the perspective of the first one…and that coffee looks SO good!

zoe says:

lovely shot of your iced coffee. could get that just by putting my usual morning steaming hot coffee outside for a couple of minutes at the moment here! the chalkboard shot is gorgeous too – i painted one in the kitchen for the kids to use – and now find that the adults use it just as much!

sarah says:

Another great shot this week – love the little boy bokeh! And…my husband loves to drink iced coffee from a mason jar. He’ll love hearing that a coffee shop sells them that way. Hope you get some snow in NC before winter is done…

Tonya says:

I love iced coffee, too. Never had it in a mason jar. Nice photo of the beverage but I’m focused on your cute son. I have 2 of them, almost all grown now. Enjoy these young moments. :)